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The Johns Hopkins CF Center provides a wide variety of continuing medical education programs.

Continuing Medical Education


eCysticFibrosis Review

An online literature review and podcast series focused on the latest therapies and best practices in the management of cystic fibrosis. Join in as opinion leaders from various institutions within and outside of the United States, review latest articles and apply to patient-case scenarios.


CF Family Day Meeting Builder

The CF Family Day Meeting Builder (CFDMB) is an interactive online platform that delivers customized learning to meeting organizers based on educational needs identified by the CF community. The CFDMB will suggest online resources such as expert presentations, videos, and patient handouts to assist in the creation of CF Family Days.


Cystic Fibrosis Roundtable

Do you have a patient with CF that has a particularly challenging lung infection? Join Peter Mogayzel, Jr., MD, PhD as he leads a case-based discussion with Patrick Flume, MD and Lisa Saiman, MD on challenges in treating lung infections.


Additional CME Programs

Additional medical education programs are available from our partner DKBmed.