Check out a game to learn about cystic fibrosis.

Kid’s Corner

CFantastic Anatomy

Do you know your body parts? Play CFantastic Anatomy and learn where important organs belong in your body.

CFabulous Coloring

Learn more about CF in the CFabulous coloring sheets.

CFix the Channel

What medicine do you need to make healthy CFTR channels? Play CFix the Channel and find out.

CFab Team Members

How well do you know the members of the CF Care team? Take the CFab quiz and find out.

CFun Food Facts

Join Charlie CFTR to learn fun facts about nutrition. After joining this game show, you’ll be an expert on CF nutrition.

CFree the Mucus

Do you know all the ways to clear your lungs? Take this interactive mucus quiz and you’ll find out.

CFun Matching

How good are you at remembering things? You’ll find out after playing this CF match game.

CFind the Words

Are you good at spotting the words in a maze of letters? How about if the words relate to CF? Take the CFind the Words Challenge and find out.

CFunky Crossword

Can you give me a seven-letter word for a major organ affected by CF? Or a 10-letter word for a medicine used to treat an infection? If so try your hand at our CFunky Crossword Puzzle.

The Digestive System

Get the inside story! Learn what organs makeup your digestive system and how they all work together to help you break down the foods you eat. Courtesy of The Johns Hopkins Gastroenterology and Hepatology Resource Center.